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I am based in Cheshire and offer my freelance SEO services to a number of Cheshire companies with a great deal of success and I think that the secret of the success I have had is down to the fact that I love what I’m doing and keep on top of any new SEO technique and best practice.

Most people today, are aware of the fact that the involvement of a SEO expert in the search engine optimisation process is crucial for success. It is a long, difficult process, which needs a wide variety of skill sets.

My experience as an SEO

seoI have extensive experience working on the SEO of many blue chip companies websites and have built up a vast knowledge of Google, MSN and Yahoo. Of course, the search engines’ algorithms are constantly changing, which means that I have to carry out daily research to keep up to speed on the latest SEO techniques.

An SEO campaign is a long term strategy which is now becoming more important than ever with higher cost per click prices. Also many companies do not have the skill sets in house to get the most out of their websites search engine listings. One of the main advantages of focusing your resources on SEO is that when a visitor clicks on your listing then there is no cost, so while it may take many months of work to acheive real resuilts, you will soon reap the rewards.

SEO Tactics

When I start work on a website, I work on the entire web site rather than just individual pages. The whole site structure is the first thing I look at including friendly URLs, the correct use of ‘H’ tags and the correct use of meta tags. Even where or how long you have your website hosting will make a diffrence. Once the ‘on page SEO is the best it can be, only then will I start to look at the off page SEO, such as building a targeted back link strategy following the strict Google guidelines.

Social Media a Key Element

As you have probally heard social media plays a large part in getting your brand and message in front of the right person, but did you know that social signals play a large role in SEO too? This is why we help you keep your social media on top form. – it all add to the SEO mix.

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