I have worked heavily in the financial services market place. As I’m sure that your aware with Insurance PPC clicks averaging at around £7 per click it is a very competitive market. This is why to fully extend t6he reach and profitability of your online marketing campaign experience is critical to the success of your campaign. Financial services marketing specialist.

I have worked on clients as diverse as insurance to overseas banking with great success. Clients such as More th>n and the AA have benefited from my SEO and PPC skills. I have promoted a wide variety of campaigns such as money transfers to time share villas in Italy.

Remaining Competitive in the financial services market

To have the ability to focus on new rich areas of search terms and customers is something your campaign must have to gain that edge over the competition. I research fully all areas of your target customer demographic to find out just where they go on the internet, which sites they visit, how much they search for those site and then target those websites, with a commercial advertising deal, some back link deal or targeted PPC activity around the subject matter.

Trust in the financial services sector? Honestly it works!

I create targeted Ad copy for each small section of keywords. I never tell fibs to try to get people just to click on the Ads. Unlike most agencies I work on a set monthly fee not a percentage of Ad spend, so I have no motivation just to get people to click a Ad.

I go for an honest approach – what you see and click on it what you get is best practice for Ad copy. But I also make that relevant copy vibrant, eye catching and promoting your companies unique selling point.