I have run several email campaign’s and generated a number of email marketing strategies.

The key to a successful email shot is targeting your customers needs and offering them something that they need.email-marketing-concept

Are you sick of spam in your ‘in box’?  Well most people are. Lets not add to the spam and target your emails for the people who want them, will use them and hopefully buy something from your site.

Using the clients in house email list normally has a much better conversion rate as the people receiving the email have signed up and usually make a purchase before.

Creating a great email depending on analyzing your last shot. Which button or link was most effective? What product was most bought from the email? Who bought what? All this will give you a better understanding and a benchmark which will improve your next email shot.

I have used email to auto send email to customers who bought a product after a certain amount of time, for example a use by date to give the customer an offer on the same product. This one example of effective email list management, and this is what I do. There is so much more to go into and if you would like to hear how I can help your email strategy or even manage your campaign then contact me here

Getting your customer demographics right is crucial to making a email shot a cost effective practice especially when buying email addresses.

If you are based in Cheshire, Manchester, or Liverpool and are looking for an experanced online marketing manager then please get in touch here.

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